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HDMI HD cable manufacturers explain hdmi2.1 certification in depth

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As a professional manufacturer of HDMI cable, eback has won the hdmi2.1 certification with 3M 30awg (5.5mm diameter) wire, becoming one of the few manufacturers in the industry that can pass the hdmi2.1 certification with such fine diameter. At present, the common wire gauge is 28Awg.


Hdmi2.1 certification will register a series of information such as the material length diameter brand name contact information of the certified wire rod. Each line has a different label number, which is convenient for consumers to identify and understand the relevant information in real time by scanning the QR code, so as to ensure that the buyer's line strictly complies with the hdmi2.1 standard of the association.

By scanning the two-dimensional code on the hdmi2.1 tag, apple mobile phone will ask us to download the mobile app corresponding to the association before we can scan out the information. Android mobile phone will be a little troublesome. Because the download address is Google store and can't be used in China, we can go to Baidu to search the corresponding app to download.


For brands, it is conducive to better competition with their peers. Quality is no longer empty talk. There is a certificate to check, not to mention HDMI high-definition cable manufacturers. Almost powerful HDMI cable manufacturers will do complete HDMI certification to show their technological strength

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