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What is the certification label of 8K hdmi2.1?

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The popularity of hdmi2.1 also led to a wave of growth after the release of ps5 last year. Many friends may not know that hdmi2.1 has a compulsory certification, and most HDMI cable manufacturers have already done this certification. This is the certification label submitted by POSH-E of Dongguan headquarters of EBCYX to pass the hdmi2.1 certification, which is a little different from most HDMI cable manufacturers, The 8K HDMI wire gauge of hdmi2.1 certified this time is 30awg, the wire is thinner, and the length is 3M, which is also the most common length of 8K HDMI at present.


If you are interested, you can try scanning the QR code with your mobile phone to obtain authentication information. Android needs to download the HDMI app by itself. Because the scan is downloaded from Google store by default, it needs to climb over the wall. Apple mobile phone can download the app by direct scanning. After scanning the code, as shown in the figure below, you can see the brand, length, wire gauge and other information of authentication.


The appearance of this 8K HDMI is shown in the figure below. I don't know if you are satisfied with this appearance. If you have a better idea, as a professional manufacturer of HDMI cable, we can provide a series of OEMODM services. In order to look high-end, more brands will choose metal shell and mesh cable.


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