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Hdmi2.1 cable, od3.6mm, HDMI certified

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As a domestic manufacturer of HDMI cable that fully supports customization, although we don't sell it directly, EBCYX has always insisted on independent design and researched and developed new products in some segments from the perspective of consumer demand, so as to provide brand customers and equipment manufacturers with new markets to attract consumers' attention and improve their competitiveness. This time, we will bring you a HDMI line with hdmi2.1 certification.

Hdmi2.1 cable

Wire gauge 34awg, ultra-fine diameter 3.6mm, blue aluminum shell style, in the realization 8K@60Hz 4K@120Hz The resolution is kept soft at the same time, which makes this kind of wire very suitable for some cameras, recorders, monitors, and the Japanese market which is especially fond of HDMI thin cable.

Hdmi2.1 cable

However, this kind of HDMI thin cable market has always been very chaotic. Many of them will not have problems in a short time, but most of them will flash and display screens in the long-term recording process. In order to solve the problem of consumer credit, such strict certification as HDMI 2.1 certification can fully solve the problem. By scanning the certification label on the outer packaging, it is easy to understand the relevant certification, Due to the need for HDMI cable manufacturers to do certification testing in the official inspection agency designated by HDMI Association, the recognition and authority are very high

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