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USB 4.0 type-C to type-C high speed transmission cable

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In 2019, usb-if organization has announced a series of parameter specifications of USB 4.0, and it is expected to be popularized to the market by the end of 2020. This is an unprecedented powerful USB specification, which not only integrates and unifies the interface and function, but also has stronger performance, faster transmission speed, 40Gbps bandwidth, and is compatible with thunderbolt 3, which is further recognized by everyone, I believe that the device in the near future only needs a USB type-C data cable.

USB 4.0

In addition to faster transmission speed, usb4.0 has its own video transmission function by default. Unlike the same usb3.1 type-C cable in the market, some have video transmission function, while others don't, which often misleads consumers. This usb4.0 type-C made by eback is 1.5m in length and 4.5mm in diameter. If you want, we can provide aluminum shell, mesh cord, printed logo and other customized products. We also have spot samples for testing to help you quickly go online and seize the market.

At the same time help to provide sound high frequency testing and export certification in different regions, I believe that through our complete service can bring you confidence.

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