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Chip shortage? Type-C docking station manufacturers help you

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Global chip shortage affects not only mobile phones and computers, but also the surrounding electronic accessories. As a type-C docking station supported mainly by conversion chips, it is also affected. As a docking station manufacturer, eback is also coping with the chip pressure. On the way to improve the solution, the multi interface docking station solution is suspended. We are also coping with the improvement solution for customers, Choose a small and targeted type-C docking station solution, today also brings you a small type-C docking station, chip supply in stock, so that brands can purchase at ease.

Type-C dock

With HDMI, USB2.0 interface and micro USB interface, the docking station manufacturer eback can meet the basic needs of daily notebook screen projection, keyboard and mouse connection. In addition to such matching schemes, there are chip schemes such as SD card reading, TF card reading and usb-c interface fast charging, which can be easily matched with small Mini docking stations to meet the marketing needs, so as to maintain the customer's product line at this critical moment, There is no need to use the strategy of price increase to maintain the dock product inventory.

Type-C dock

If you have a better idea, please feel free to contact us. The docking station manufacturer, e-buck, supports OEM and ODM customization

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