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How to distinguish the USB data cable, what is the difference?

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1. USB cables with good weight and quality are generally within the specified weight range.

2. The copper core qualified copper core USB data cable copper core should be fuchsia, shiny, and soft to the touch. The inferior copper core wire is purple-black, yellowish or white, with many impurities, poor mechanical strength, and poor toughness. It will break with a little force, and there are often broken wires in the wire. When checking, just peel the USB data cable 2cm away, and then rub the copper core with a piece of white paper. If there is black substance on the white paper, it means there are more impurities in the copper core. In addition, the insulation layer of the inferior wire seems to be very thick. In fact, most of it is made of recycled plastic. Over time, the insulation layer will age and leak electricity.

3. Manufacturers' fake and inferior USB data cables are often "three no products, but there are also signs of ambiguous origin, such as made in China, made in a province or a city in China.

4. Price Due to the low production cost of the fake and inferior USB data cable, when selling, vendors often sell at low prices under the guise of cheap and good quality, making people fooled.

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Key words:How to distinguish the USB data cable, what is the difference?

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