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What do you pay attention to when using the data cable?

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Notes on the data cable:

1. Charging while playing with a mobile phone

If you keep a posture for a long time, there will definitely be a problem of sudden dragging, then too many dragging will cause skin burst and breakage.

2. The method of plugging and unplugging the data cable is incorrect

If the correct method is not used to plug and unplug the data cable for a long time, it will cause the data cable interface to be insensitive, resulting in a situation where it cannot be charged. Therefore, every time you plug or unplug the data cable, remember to exert force on the cable head, not the cable body.

3. Poor carrying method

If the unorganized data cable is directly thrown into the backpack, then the next time you use it, if the phone runs out of power, if you are in a hurry, the girl will bluff, and this will cause damage to the data cable. Then it is necessary to develop a good habit of sorting the data line.

4. Touch the data cable when it is not dry

Many people's palms often sweat, or after washing their hands, they will touch the data line before they dry. After a long time, the data line will oxidize and yellow. In addition, hand sweat also has a certain effect on the skin of the data line. Corrosive, please clean your hands after charging.

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Key words:What do you pay attention to when using the data cable?

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